Day 1: The Urban Walking Marathon Begins!

Please note that DONATIONS ARE STILL WELCOME!! Even just a few bucks could feed, well, a few “bucks” = male animals of various species…

Would you like to help?

5:55 a.m: . Los Angeles Zoo

Information sign on the back of the RV

Starting point: L.A. Zoo. We’ve attached a sign about the trek onto the back of the
Cruise America RV.

Thanks so much to
Karen Aasen-Rodriguez for coming to see me off and wish me luck! That was so very thoughtful of you!!

And there she goes!!!

This a map of where Dr. Monica is going today. That’s long way to walk!!
All set!
“I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect morning to start!” 6:21 am

3 thoughts on “Day 1: The Urban Walking Marathon Begins!”

  1. Go Dr Metzdorf!! After this you’ll be ready for the pilgrim walk of the Camino de Santiago. Very inspired by your dedication.

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