Day 2: Itinerary and Map

Hi Everyone! I don’t know if our girl has even woken up yet on the other side of the planet in Long Beach, but over here in Basel, Switzerland I am trying to get a head-start on the blogging for today.

The Itinerary will be to walk along the coast from Long Beach to Huntington beach… only about half the distance from yesterdays walk, but more hilly I have been told!

Yesterday Dr. Monica earned her Ruby Slippers Badge from FitBit :

All along the walk yesterday, I kept “earning FITBIT badges”. Here’s the last one as I was wrapping up yesterday! (I actually walked a bit further on after this getting a total of 67,408! Thank you all again for the tremendous encouragement and support! Today will be only 16 miles, but I imagine my pace may be just a tad slower getting started!

In light of that new information, I have altered her map today to reflect the new path — Just follow the yellow brick road!!

Check out the itinerary for the entire journey from the LA Zoo to the San Diego Safari Park here.

Would you like to help?


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