Day 2: Pacific Coast Highway not for Pedestrians

1:44pm  About the 10 mile mark, I think. I’m on a beach bike path – goes for miles. I probably only have 6 miles to go (maybe 7). There was about 1.5 miles of PCH that was not safely passable on foot- would’ve been like walking on freeway shoulder. So Bill ferried me to the other side and I’ve been walking this Bike path since.

1:51pm Only landmark for miles

2:02pm   Bill is on the highway part that parallels the bike trail- he says it’s about 4 more miles to destination but he can’t meet me before then- no where to pull over. It’s ok- got plenty of water and snacks so I’m just going to push thru til the end. Goal is a Huntington Pier!

2:12pm Bolsa Chica trail

3:00pm Destination in sight — See that tiny pier in the background?

Would you like to help?


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