Day 2: Long Beach is, well, long and I got my first blister!

10:00am and 10,000 steps!! Away from ocean front-because the beach path is closed — I want to respect the Covid rules at all times!
So it is back to urban walking! Walking the shopping area on 2nd street: It’s really a cute little village.

10:09 am — Still in Long Beach but making progress!!

10:20 am 4.8 miles- Stopping to check my feet and change socks.- It’s much slower going today because of a blister that started on my right foot towards the end of yesterday’s walk. I probably should have put on my regular shoes this morning instead of the bigger ones with 2 pairs of socks. I think it let my foot do too much slipping inside the shoe. — Live and learn!
This is the first but probably not the LAST blister of this journey!
It’s a good thing it’s only 16 miles today instead of 30!

Besides the foot- I seem to be doing pretty well: legs and ankles not too sore!

So I think once I dress this up better I’ll be good!

Would you like to help?


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