Day 4: The hills and the sun showed up at the same time!

1:50pm Walking steadily uphill since lunch!

Fitbit says I’ve gone 11.75 miles
At Nellie Gail- Might as well be called “Holy Grail for as long as I’ve been walking towards this turn! I’m going to make a left turn, a short break, then steep downhill and steep uphill!”

Dr. Monica

Break to put an ice pack on shin splints prior to tackling the most grueling terrain of the trek. The next mile to a mile & a half will be a beast.

Heading up to the last really nasty peak! Bill booked us into a motel with a bathtub for the night… What a great guy!

Wish me luck on this stretch!!

Dr. Monica

The hardest part is behind me… I hope!

3:15pm – 14 miles so far.

Would you like to help?


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