Day 6: Stunning Beauty and Stunned Disappointment

7:12 am Bike trail to Las Pulgas Gate

7:50 am Fitbit says I’ve gone about 4.5 miles so far.

After walking about 5.5 miles: Oooops trail closed ?? Someone rolled the orange fencing back, does that mean it’s OK??

Message from Bill:

Rather than risk running into a live fire exercise on Pendleton, Monica turned around & is walking back to the Ranger station where I dropped her off. I’ll pick her up & drive her to the Las Pulgas gate. (She will still have put in her 10+ miles, just not completely in one direction! ) :-/

The ranger we spoke to at the trail head said that the trail will take you all the way to San Diego… He may not have been aware that the trail halfway to Las Pulgas Gate was closed and/or failed to mention that getting there would involve trespassing on government property!

Bill Metzdorf
Keeping Monica safe is primary & the roads on the base aren’t safe for her to walk!
We could also have her run the obstacle course before continuing her journey to Oceanside!

9:45am 8 miles Monica just texted and sent this video:

The path here is certainly worth walking twice, especially on such a gorgeous day, but I am a bit disappointed. Also I’m just hurting a bit more today with the shin splints- would’ve met up with Bill at least once by now to drink Gatorade and rub down with my magic muscle spasm potion. I have food and water- that’s not an issue. Just the other “luxuries” I’m missing right now!

Dr. Monica

10:07 am “Just made it back to where Bill dropped me off.! He is not here yet but I have a place to sit in the shade!”

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