Day 7: Itinerary, map, thoughts and concerns

5:30 am “I’m not really photogenic in the morning! That’s why I like all the photos with masks and hat and sunglasses!!!

Slept well after a long soak and food, and this morning I am feeling cautiously optimistic. I have some concerns about my left shin. My forefoot blister looks worse but it doesn’t bother me now. It is healing and turning more to a blood blister/hematoma at base of toes. This might be why my left shin has developed the really bad shin splints. I think I may have been shifting weight to compensate. Fortunately, the shin splints are only on the left leg.

Dr. Monica, 5:00am Day 7 –May 15

I think the problem yesterday was that I was on a bike trail where I could not easily meet up with Bill for breaks in the RV. I had gotten into such a great rhythm the previous days of stopping every 3 miles to powder down my feet, change socks, put my legs up, eat and re-hydrate with Gatorade.
Yesterday I was on the road for 9 miles without any of that: I believe the frustration and eagerness to make up the lost time just led to a cascade of cramping and exhaustion.

The expectations for today: after some advice from a friend who is a long-distance running coach in Thailand, I will be I will be taking teeny tiny baby steps…. “Ultrarunners have some slogans: “Start slow then taper off” and “relentless forward progress, one foot at time”  –Karl Kunz

Today the overall mileage on the map is much shorter, but my pace will be SLOW AND STEADY –reminiscent of Captain Tom – I just wish I had his walker for support – by the end of today I might need to buy one!

Dr. Monica 6am Day 7 May 15

Here is the map route plan for today. Hopefully with lots of breaks and no major changes!!

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