The COVID19 crisis and the resulting plight of the zoos gave Dr. Monica an idea to raise money for zoo and aquarium animals affected by the lockdowns: She set out on a solo walk of 130 miles across Southern California!

Since Dr. Monica’s walk was originally a plan to raise money for Southern California, the lion’s share (pun intended) of the donations went to the 3 places where Dr. Monica walked, the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!– each receiving $4,000.

Due to the generous outpouring of donations, was able to donate to another 35 institutions as well!

Future Campaigns

There are so many environmental and wildlife issues and projects where we can make a difference.    As the COVID restrictions resolve, we hope to recruit more of you to join us, not only through continued financial support, but also with actions – participating in walks, 5K family fun runs, community or beach cleanup efforts, and other activities to raise money to make our world a better place.

Beach and Neighborhood Clean- Ups
5K Family Fun Run
Reforestation Assistance / Fundraiser

We are still collecting donations from the first docwalks4animals campaign to help zoos and aquarium animals. Will you help?

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