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“SERIOUS BREAKING NEWS!! — I literally ran home from work today to make this video after finding out that Dr. Monica Metzdorf, a pediatric urologist based in Los Angeles is WALKING from the @lazoo to the @aquariumpacific and all the way down to @sdzsafaripark to raise awareness and funds to support these facilities during #COVID19…”

A zoo keeper at the LA Zoo (zoogirlq) left a great Instagram video and shout out for Dr. Monica’s original walk. zoogirlq ‘s post is sadly no longer available on Instagram)

Dr. Monica Metzdorf is our hero!  Her fundraising walk from the Los Angeles Zoo to the Aquarium of the Pacific to the San Diego Zoo this spring was an inspiring way to raise much-needed support for these three vital conservation and education institutions in Southern California.  During the time the LA Zoo was closed to the public, Monica called attention to our animals’ need for care and feeding as well as the Zoo’s wildlife conservation mission.  Without admission revenues, our budgets were significantly impacted, and Monica engaged community support in a powerful way that helped sustain us during a very difficult time.  We are profoundly grateful for Monica’s leadership in rallying the community on behalf of wildlife.
Thank you again!

— Tom Jacobson, President of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

“Monica, congratulations on such an amazing and meaningful accomplishment. Thank you for supporting your Aquarium during these unprecedented times. Your support allows us to continue making a positive impact for our animals and our shared communities.”

— Ryan Ashton, Vice President of Development at Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA

“Thank you for your passion and dedication to protecting our Blue planet. You are taking the right steps towards progress! Thank you!”
— Kara E. Wagner, Chief Development Officer, the Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL

“What a wonderful project you created! We are so grateful that you counted us among the flock!”
— Laurie Nichols, Director of Philanthropy, National Aviary, Pittsburg, PA

“Dr Monica- Wow! You are amazing!!! Thank you for seeing our need and doing something to help wildlife. You are my hero!!”
— Kiley Thiele, Vice President of Development, Omaha Zoo

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